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What we produce


ASM will produce high quality Ilmenite (a Titanium-rich mineral), Zircon and 

Monazite (a rare-earth-element containing mineral) products

Mineral sands products flow into a variety of downstream applications
including a range of everyday consumer goods such as pigments and ceramics,

as well as energy and defense-related applications such as nuclear energy, electronics and electric vehicles.



A titanium-rich mineral

Millrun’s high-quality Ilmenite can be used as a domestic feedstock for:

the Titanium Dioxide for the Pigment & Coatings Industry


Titanium metal production

titanium DIOXIDE

  • Whitening pigment in paints, plastics and paper

  • USA +90% dependent on Titanium imports

  • Little domestic supply; no substitutes

  • Strong domestic and global demand growth

  • Titanium on USA’s list of Critical Minerals



World's highest quality

The Millrun deposit contains the world’s highest quality zircon due to its high-purity levels.


It can be used as a feedstock or blended with other less pure zircon to produce domestic specialty refractory and zirconium metal products.


  • Opaque, inert mineral used in ceramic tiles and refractory industry

  • Zirconium is an important structural metal in nuclear power generation

  • Negligible domestic USA supply

  • World supply is limited

  • Strong international demand

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